Thursday, August 16, 2012

AE State Team Trial Squad - Update

IOWA STATE TEAM TRIAL - Looks like we are NOT going to field a squad and attempt to take home the gold medal. We have three riders, but can't talk anybody into being the 4th... I am sure other teams are having trouble fielding squads as well...   the thought of rotating through with TJ Tollakson (pro-triathlete) and Paul Deninger (multiple time State TT champ) did inspire a couple of super-intense workouts this week, so it wasn't all that bad for me to think this was going to happen, and then have it not pan out... Dang, I really do want to enter a team time trial someday... maybe next year...

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john said...

Hang on Kevin - it is going to be some ride. I'd suggest and good bungee.