Wednesday, August 8, 2012

State Championships - Time Trial Gold

State Time Trial

I was happy to get another Gold Medal to add to my 2012 Iowa State Championship collection, as I won the Category 2 division.  Unfortunately, I didn't pull of any sort of special result, as I had an outside chance of winning the event overall and getting the coveted championship jersey. The cat 1's edged me out again, with Jeff Barnes winning overall with teammate Paul Deninger not far behind. RESULTS

The conditions weren't favorable for what I think I need to pull of a PR. I prefer a headwind out and tailwind back.  Instead it was kind of like screaming down a roller coaster on the way out, only to turn around and have to grind up the climb on the way back.  This course is basically flat, so the wind was providing the 'climbing/decending'.  I was also hoping for it to be on the warm side, as that seems to slow the others down a bit... rather it was an absolutely perfect day, oh well.
A bit of a different situation at the start of a 40k TT, then at the finish.

I have been watching the Olympics, and appreciated how participating in this time trial put me in a similar circumstance as the Olympians.  I could relate to the pressures of hoping to perform, and the desire to have all of your training pay-off with some sort of accomplishment.  I can say that I set myself up to win regardless of the result, as I am really in this bike racing thing for the ultimate pay-off... a healthy, active, wellness-based lifestyle.  I am planning on trying again next year...  though I will admit that training for time trials is almost more fun then entering them.

State Road Race

I have been maintaining my form in hopes of being competitive at this years 97 mile State Road Race in Riverside Iowa.  The new course is challenging, and the distance will create for a grueling endeavor.  I smell blood, though, and am going in for the kill.  July was an ass-kicker, and I am not sure how many Cat 1,2 cyclists made it through without burning out.  Check back to see how it panned out.

State Team Time Trial
Speaking of burn-out, it is not looking good for my ambitions to enter the 2012 State Team Time Trial, as I don't think I will be able to convince anyone else besides Paul Deninger to enter.  Putting together a composite team wouldn't make sense, as you only get awarded the designation of State Champions if all four members are from the same squad.  The concept of a team trial seems intriguing... this would be an event where we would literally be relying on each other as a team.  I started to think about how we would organize the intervals and rotations, etc... probably need to stop thinking about it, and just call it a road season after the RR... dang.

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