Saturday, October 27, 2012

The weight of the situation...

The cycling world is in a bit of turmoil these days... there is even suggestion from "the only U.S. pro to win the Tour De France" Greg LeMond that everyone give up racing for a year by not buying a USA Cycling License. He is hoping this will help clean up the sport by "starting from scratch"... causing the UCI and USA Cycling to go out of business.  Greg has accused them of being corrupt.  Pretty extreme, however some of the folks in Iowa are actually contemplating whether or not this is a viable option.  I could use a year off, so this would suit me just fine.

I was on the ropes, regarding my energy to race prior to this drama, so my cycling world is also in a bit of turmoil.  The weight of the situation was revealed as I reluctantly stepped on the scale.  I looked down and saw that it read 174.  Hmm, not so bad... then it sunk in, I haven't weighed that much in about 4 years... a good 14 pounds over my race weight... Ok, I have been lifting weights regularly while limiting my cardio to about 3 times per week.  Maybe this extra weight is muscle, as my pants seem to fit about the same.

Anyway, recently the first talks of the 2013 season have begun for the American Equity Racing team.  That is what inspired me to weigh myself.  Of note, a couple of the guys that apparently quit midway through the season have officially declared that they won't be joining us next year.  I kind of wish they would have announced their change of heart during the actual season, however, as I kept letting myself feel 'let down' when they wouldn't show up to races and/or respond to our communications. This was my issue, not theirs, however, so no ill feelings... life happens, and cycling is only one small part of the big picture.

That will mean a solid foundation of AE/Velosport Elite racers, and maybe room for a couple of new recruits. Basically, this is great news, especially the fact that there will indeed be an American Equity Racing team... which was in jeopardy due to a significant loss to our team. Interested in being considered for a sponsorship?  Now would be the time to inquire with the team leadership. I am not sure exactly who is returning, but my guess would be:  Jeff Bradley, Lou Waugaman, Paul Deninger, Chad Bishop, Matt Zimmer, Lucas Guyton, Joshua Wandrey.

Currently,  I have set an odd goal (well it is odd to me) to bench press 300 pounds  (My current 1 rep max is 246lbs).  My dad suggested that I would be able to do this, because he did it at one point in his lifting days.  I want to find out before age becomes too limiting of a factor. Plus, I kind of like the idea of looking like an athlete for awhile.  I have started to get comments.  People are confusing me with a fitness professional...  this is great (and someday hopefully true), though I know it means trouble when I start battling gravity out on the open road. I will be a complete turd, if I try to race at 174 pounds, at least up hills.

What to do?  Probably resort to what I always do... delusion.   Perhaps I can bulk up to a solid 180 pound powerhouse, then strip the 'fat' next spring, and race at 165?  Hmm.  Well that is what I need to tell myself, otherwise I won't have motivation to lift weights and be forced to start training for the 2013 cycling season... It is weigh too early for that... Actually not, but I am still pouting about how anti-climactic my 2012 racing season went, so let me live in denial for a few more weeks...

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