Monday, December 17, 2012

Life without bike racing....

... isn't so bad.  I wondered how I would fill my time if I wasn't involved in competitive athletics, and now I am happy to report that I have found plenty of new ways to occupy my time.

Sometimes I think about guys I used to race with that seem to just 'disappear'.  At some point, people decide not to race their bikes, and they move on to something else, it really isn't a sad turn of events, just a natural developmental progression.

I guess the 'story' of this blog will be whether or not I race again (or at least 'when' I start back up).   I am making sure not to close off any racing avenues... for example, I am trying to keep my VO2 Max within striking distance (of course my power to weight ratio is f'd up because of my upper body strength training focus), and I haven't formally 'quit'.

So, if I opt to renew my USAC license and sign up for a race, I will pick things up on this blog where I left off.  Essentially, this blog is a way for me to document my experiences while supporting Midwest cycling, so I will be happy to continue if I am still involved.   But I won't prolong my misery by posting every passing notion I have.   I will either be "in" or "out", and right now I am "in between".  A 'leave of absence' seems to be happening right now... which correctly implies that I will get back to the sport once I fulfill my current aspirations. 

In the meantime, my obsessions include reading psychology text books and writing papers (en route to a grad degree), red wine, group wellness, and strength training.  I am a pretty good dad, but there is some room for improvement, so I may dig up some ways to get more into 'parenting'.

I guess I am still recovering from the way last season shook out for me.  Being on a team isn't easy for someone like me.  I put everything into it, which makes me vulnerable to burn-out and being disappointed. 

I can't wait to read my next headline... your guess is as good as mine what it will read...  in the meantime, competitive cycling is an awesome way to appreciate a healthy lifestyle, so please continue to involve yourself and thanks for your past support.

Chad Bishop

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john said...

We look forward to your postings on the Midwest racing scene, and would be disappointed if we didn't get an occasional "passing notion". You know, the blog really is about you.