Friday, February 8, 2013

Sequestered - The upside of isolation

Well, that last post was ridiculous, but suggests that I am not really that serious about racing my bike as of yet.  I am staying in shape, but currently pre-occupied with developing my group fitness instruction expertise and finishing up my master's degree.

Yes, I took a stab at losing weight, but after three weeks of 'trying' I realized that I would have to cannibalize some muscle to get the scale to budge, and I am not quite willing to compromise my physique so that I can climb a hill a few seconds faster.  Alas, I am just not that stoked about racing my bike yet.

Part of it has to do with being isolated.  In the past, I had a team to connect with.  Well, a lot as changed as everyone on Velosport (can't really call it American Equity anymore because they aren't sponsoring us, so I guess we are back to being a club team) is doing their own thing.  I used to also be able to stay connected with the sport by attending the Friday night roller races down at the local bike shop.  However, I haven't found the motivation to go down there this year, and sort of burnt out on doing the exact same workout year after year. 

So, I stay in shape with a pretty effective cycling and strength routine that I created using knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years.  I have tried 'connecting' by reading some articles on VeloNews, but there is always an article on Lance Armstrong that ends up discouraging my cycling even more.   Cycling is literally the laughing stock of the country right now (quips were made on "Modern Family" and "Parks and Recreation" for example), which isn't helping my morale.  I really wish I could have continued to live in denial, as the world was a much better place for everyone prior to exposing the 'truth'.  Oh well.

So, I am sequestering myself to my house for the next several weekends, as I would really like to finish up my last two courses.  I can knock off 3 or 4 chapters a weekend if I knuckle down.  The coursework is one of the reasons I don't blog as much, nor get as desperate to race my bike... I have other things going on that are equally fulfilling.  And, with so many papers to write, it is hard to justify using that energy to blog.

All it will take is a little 'boredom' to get me back on track for racing my bike.  I am staying in good shape so I am ready for whatever way my momentum shifts.  Currently, I think I may partake in a little 'protest' of sorts, as I really do like riding indoors compared to outside in the cold.  To this end, it is frustrating that so many races happen in the spring, then everything seems to fizzle out in the summer (June 22nd to Sept. 21st).  Summer is my favorite time to be on a bike... so maybe I will boycott the spring season.  Anyway, let me finish up my school work, so I can focus on whatever my next big goal becomes.  Maybe it will be bike related... if so, then I will continue chasing life on the bike...

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john said...

Good luck with finishing up the degree and hope to see you back in the racing scene. Are you still doing X Fit for your exercise?